1984 Direct Connection Rampage

reproduction rear ground effects

In the early 1980's these parts were briefly available as an appearance upgrade from the Direct Connection catalog. The rear sections could only be purchased at the dealer as a four piece set along with the extended side ground effect pieces.

These Rampage specific parts are extremely rare today and most people looking to add the factory style ground effects usually end up splicing together two of the shorter Shelby Charger ones.

However the lower rear quarter panel pieces that are used on the Shelby Charger are completely different in overall length due to the L body truck having a longer wheelbase. This leaves you missing the rear sections to make it look right.



In addition to replicating the exact shape as the original part, we've made significant improvements as well. The original is made in the same rubbery plastic as the front air dam and are prone to distortion and hard to refinish.

These weaknesses are resolved by making them out of premium quality fiberglass. They'll no longer make indentations when installed. To provide the option of an cleaner than factory installed look, we left the mounting holes undrilled so that they can also be installed using mounting tape.

They arrive with a natural gloss black finish that's ready for a light sanding, primer and a final coat of automotive paint.

One set (driver & passenger) for only 95.00 

(includes free shipping for US or Canadian customers)