1985 Shelby Charger

For sale in Jacksonville, Florida

I'm helping a local friend sell this 1985 Shelby Charger that he purchased a few years back while he was working out of state. It was purchased in addition to another vehicle and mechanical repairs and upgrades were already made but not completely finished.

He's currently downsizing his Shelby Dodge collection to better focus on only two project vehicles and decided to sell this one plus another disassembled project car later. We are located in Jacksonville, Florida which is just below the Florida/Georgia border off I-95.

The previous owner spent a lot of money in locating a very solid, original vehicle with an excellent interior and upgraded drivetrain components to obtain the better performance and driveability but still had additional work needed when he decided to sell it.

Over the last few months we got together some great local wrench turners and have made needed numerous repairs, replaced a number of worn out parts and got it fine tuned where it currently runs and drives quite strong and mechanically should be pretty reliable.

The interior cleaned up extremely well and is in exceptional condition. Body-wise it has a very small amount of rust on one of the rear quarters but surprising no rust on the far more common area in L bodies along the floorboard or drip trough area on the roof edging.

The outer body does have an assortment of small dings and dents on the fenders, doors and hood. The passenger side rear quarter has a dent by the marker light but it's in a location that's quite fixable. On the opposite side rear quarter there is some slight rust bubbling through but it easily repaired as well. The rear bumper covers on Shelby Charger's are usually prone to getting wavy from age and sun exposure but this one is extremely straight and flat.

As far as the work done on it over the last few months the brake system was completely replaced with brand new rotors, calipers, rubber lines and pads on the front. The rear received brand new drums, shoes and rubber lines plus the bearings were replaced and repacked. A new master cylinder and fresh fluid was installed to complete the brake maintenence.

On the exhaust system the cat was already removed but there were some exhaust leaks and a misalignment so a section of new pipe was welded in and it was rehung properly along with a fresh donut and hangers. It appears to be maintaining a stock muffler.

For those familiar with L bodies you'll be aware of the issues that the factory nylon ends on the mechanical shifter rods can cause with looseness and overall breakage. The previous owner had already made the needed performance upgrade to the new heim shifter rod ends.

Under the hood it received a fresh timing belt, new starter, new spark plugs, new distributor cap, new O rings on the fuel injectors, a new thermostat and the vacuum lines were repaired and replaced. A brand new passenger side CV joint was installed (along with fresh fluid install).

Speaking of fluids the motor oil & filter was also changed as well as the old gasoline was drained from the tank and a new fuel pump was installed with new hoses and clamps.

The soldered connections on the instrument cluster were freshed up which is a known repair to keep the gauges (especially the tachometer) to read properly. They seem to read fine now.

While a large amount of maintenence and repairs were just performed there is a few more things that a new owner should do like update the rubber sway bar bushings, get a front end alignment and flush out the cooling system with fresh anti-freeze. The glass on the side view mirrors are broken and will need need new glass (or can be replaced as a whole).

The buyer will be provided with a clear Missouri title and like any other 34 year old car it's being sold "as is". While a lot of maintenence was recently done and it is now runs pretty well you may still want to bring it home with a trailer or contact a vehicle transport company.

The large amount of detailed photos from all angles should answer most questions about the overall condition but if you have any other questions please feel free to inquire by email.

For more information contact seller@unleashedbyshelby.com