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1984 Direct Connection Rampage

reproduction rear ground effects 

For the first time- premium quality fiberglass reproductions of the rear ground effect panels used on the 1984 Direct Connection Rampage.

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Carbon fiber vinyl door handle decals

Here's a whole new way to enhance your L body door handles. We've carried the stock design matte black overlay decals for years and now we've created a new modern visual upgrade for them.

We've located a line of premium grade automotive vinyl that truly replicates the 3D look of actual carbon fiber. We've seen lots of inaccurate materials but this one really looks amazing.

Only 12.00 a pair or 20.00 a set of four.

 1987-8 Shelby Z emblem alternative

Is the plastic lettering on the rear of your 1987-88 Daytona Shelby Z looking weathered from age? The replacements from the dealer have been unavailable for a long time.

As a simple solution we come up with is an effective alternative to hard plastic badging by creating an exact reproduction of the lettering by using red & black vinyl.

They look nearly identical plus a flat vinyl version has the advantage of being easier to wax than a plastic emblem.

Set of 3- "Dodge", "Daytona" & "Shelby Z" for 39.00.

IROC R/T & Shelby R/T badge alternative

original medallions

reproduction decals

For those restoring an IROC R/T Dodge Daytona you're probably already aware that replacement badging is extremely hard to find.

We've come up with an affordable alternative using a printed decal with a 3D look instead a plastic badge. You can see the exact level of accuracy in the design of the reproduction as shown below the original.

They're available for vehicles sold in the US that wear the "IROC R/T" badge and export versions that use a "Shelby R/T" instead.

Set of two IROC R/T or Shelby R/T decals for 29.00

 Shelby decklid medallion alternative

For those customizing their Shelby Dodge vehicle you're probably already aware that the factory decklid medallions that came on the 1987-89 CSX's and 1987 Shelby Lancers are hard to find.

When a clean used one does come up for sale they're usually pretty expensive so we've come up with an affordable alternative using a 3D looking printed decal instead a actual metal medallion.

They measure the same as the original medallion- 3 3/8" round.

Now available for only 10.00 each.

 Shelby door sill plaque alternative

One of the nice extras featured on the "numbered" vehicles was the embossed metal plaques on the inner door sills.

In their original design they would be pretty involved to replicate since they're made by printing multiple colors onto an embossed aluminum plate for a 3D effect. As an affordable alternative we created a decal with the exact look.

To see how accurate they are here's a photo of our decal sitting up above an original factory metal plaque.

They're 1/4" x 4 15/16" so they can go over the door trim indented space on most of the 80's or 90's Chrysler cars.

Now available for only 5.00 each. 

1986-87 GLHS radiator fan decal

This is an exact reproduction of the original one used on both the 1986 and 1987 GLHS. It may also be design used on other vehicles as well.
Now available for only 4.00 each

1983 Rampage 2.2 Prospector decal

Here's an often forgotten decal that came on the 1983 Dodge Rampage 2.2 with the "Prospector" option. It went behind the side window. All paint colors used this same color metallic gold with black decal.

One set (one for each side) for only 20.00.

 14" Rallye steel wheel insert decal

If you're restoring a set of Rallye wheels you'll need a some of these insert decals to apply over the recessed areas on each silver painted steel wheel. These 14" Rallye wheels were an option on certain of 1983-84 Dodge Rampages and Charger 2.2's.
Set of 4 (one rim) for 2.50 or set of 16 (4 rims) 10.00

Shelby SP 360 Durango windshield decal

In 1999 Performance West contacted Carroll Shelby on building a high performance SUV they called the "Shelby SP 360 Durango". They were produced in very limited volume in 1999 & 2000. In addition to a solid design "Shelby" windshield decal they also wear a small pair of "Shelby SP 360" decals on the lower rear sides.

"Shelby" windshield for the Shelby Durango for 29.00

 Chrysler Conquest TSi decal package

Along with the Chrysler Laser on the dealership floor was a imported turbo model called the Chrysler Conquest TSi. It was a rebadged Mitsubishi Starion and it has a following of it's own. One of their owners contacted us and we created a complete reproduction decal set for it.

The set comes with the "Conquest" decal for the front nose, a "TSi" for the fenders, the long "Conquest TSi" for the rear hatch and a "Imported For Chrysler" rear hatch decal.

Complete five piece decal set for 95.00

 1989-91 Chrysler LeBaron GTC

This set has the "Chrysler" and "LeBaron GTC" for the rear decklid plus a pair of "Turbo GTC" for the mouldings.

This four piece set runs 95.00.
The optional "VNT intercooled" decals are 10.00 each.

**Color options are limited due to their manufacture**

 1992-95 Chrysler LeBaron GTC

This set contains the "Chrysler" and "LeBaron GTC" for the trunk plus a set of "LeBaron GTC" for the side mouldings.

This four piece set runs 70.00.

1989-90 Dodge Caravan (turbo)

1989-90 Plymouth Voyager (turbo)
The "turbo" decals for the fenders are 12.00 a pair.

Shelby Charger alternative hatch decals

We've created a simple alternative to reusing the chrome plastic emblems on the rear decklid on the 1983-87 Shelby Charger. We made the "Dodge" & "Charger" lettering using vinyl. Besides a cleaner look this alternative also has the advantage of being easier to wax than emblems.

"Dodge" and "Charger" decals for 8.00  

1986-87 GLHS shift pattern decal

Here's an unusual decal that was only used on the 1986 GLHS Omni and 1987 GLHS Charger. Since the factory knob (with the 5 speed pattern) was upgraded to a leather Momo knob they needed a way to indicate the shift pattern so this was added to the lower shifter console.

I remember when I installed one on my own car and noticed that since it was a clear decal with white lettering when applied to the black console it tends to look cloudy and show fingerprints in the adhesive.

To resolve this issue yet make it look correct we used a black background. When applied to a black console it looks correct but a little cleaner and crisper.

Now available for only 3.00 each.

Here's some ongoing products we're still working on:

1991 Dodge Shadow ES Indy 500 Official Car · L Body Carbon Fiber Style Dash Overlay Kit · 1990 Dodge Daytona ES · 1984-87 Plymouth Duster · 1991 Dodge Stealth Indy 500 Official Pace Car · 1992-94 Plymouth Duster · Custom Windshield Decals · Plus Assorted Other Stuff
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